• Rutherford House Staff (Taylor Yiengst)

Secretary Osborne Joins Members of the Rutherford House for Meet & Greet Luncheon

Secretary Theresa Osborne from the Pennsylvania Department of Aging attended the Rutherford House Meet & Greet Luncheon on September 18th and spoke to our senior community about the importance of community centers.

The Homecoming and Birthday Luncheon was a big success! Our members, staff, and board members each brought in homemade dishes to share for the big event including everything from pulled pork and rice to the tasty deserts. We were also fortunate to have our instructors at the event, many of which are volunteers who offer there time to help make the center great. Our instructors at the event included: Skip (Computer Assistance), Elizabeth (Personal Training), Beth (Zumba), and Dottie, a nutritionist from Penn State Health.

Upon entering the Rutherford House for the event, attendees were greeted with a blast from the past. On display in the lobby were dozens of photo albums and brochures dating back to 1978. This gave previous, current, and potential members a look into the centers past and all the great memories made here.

Many of our members attended the event, members from other centers, potential members, directors from other centers, Commissioner Hartwick, and Sectretary Osborne. We want to give a big thank you to all who attended and made the event a great celebration.