• Taylor Yiengst

Rutherford House Launches New Website

The Rutherford House launched it’s brand new website earlier this month:! The website has been a work in progress but we are excited that we now have a modern, simple, and functioning site. The Rutherford House now has a place where members, prospective members, and visitors can find everything they are looking for regarding the senior community center on one website. The website contains center hours, latest news, history, class information, location, staff, calendar of events, and much more!

Taylor Yiengst, the communications intern at the Rutherford House Center designed and created the new website. The old website did not contain all the information that we wanted to share with our members. It was also outdated and didn’t reflect the liveliness and the great things that our center stands for. The old website is no longer active so we hope that this new website will exceed our members expectations and prove to be more helpful in the future. If you have not browsed the website yet, feel free to scroll through the different pages and let us know what you think!