• Taylor Yiengst

Rutherford House Members Enjoy Spa Day

The Rutherford House Staff hosted a free Spa Day on Monday, February 8th. The women who participated enjoyed face masks, manicures, sparkling cider, and of course lots of laughs!

We wanted to host a fun free day to pamper the members before Valentines Day but to also thank them for each helping make our center as lively as it is today! The day began with face masks, which the women could select either a pomegranite peeling mask or a dead sea mask. After refining and purifing their faces with the masks, they were each able to use pore refining toner, leaving everyone glowing with soft skin!

The next spa treatment available was a hand massage with shea butter by our receptionist, (and massuese for that day!) Connie Archer. Following the hand massage, guests could pick from a variety of nail polish colors and recieve a manicure. Lastely, everyone was supplied with cheese, crackers, and a glass of sparkling cider.

After the Rutherford Spa wrapped up, each participant was able to take a cooling mask, a wash cloth, and the treatment sheet so they can try some of the treatments at home. Following the "Rutherford Spa", we recieved compliments on the day from nearly everyone who attended! We were even told that the "Rutherford Spa" should become a monthy day for everyone to enjoy- so keep checking the next few calendars, Spa Day just might return sometime soon!

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