• Taylor Yiengst

Rutherford House Members Enjoy a Taste of Culture

The Rutherford House kicked off a new program this month, which allows attendees to experience a small taste of another culture! The focus for this months class was on Central America. Central America consists of seven countries so the program started out with some information about the different counties and interesting cultural facts. Next, the members had the opportunity to taste test a popular fruit from this region, Dragon Fruit. While each person was given a portion of dragon fruit to try, the members learned about some of the health benefits of this wonder fruit. The program then wrapped up with Jeri Blanch, Rutherford House Board Member, sharing objects that she acquired from countries in Central America to further help explain the culture and how they live there.

The new program will continue once a month with a new country featured each time. May's Taste of Culture will focus on Germany, we hope to see you there!

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