• Kyla Alvarez

A Word From Beltone

We are often reminded to receive our annual physical and our bi-annual teeth cleaning, but when was the last time you received a hearing screening? Our ears are one of the most commonly neglected body parts, and unfortunately our ability to hear cannot be regained once it is lost. Luckily, on Wednesday May 24th, our seniors were able to receive an informative presentation from Mr. Vincent Onomastico, a marketing manager from Beltone Hearing Aid Center. In the presentation, Mr. Onomastico covered how our ears work and how our hearing is lost, along with what options are available to help with hearing loss related problems.

The presentation kicked off with a quote by Helen Keller which says: “When you lose your eyesight you lose contact with things. When you lose your hearing, you lose contact with people.” Hearing loss happens naturally with age, with many people starting to lose their hearing in their 30’s. A lack of awareness leads many people to live a poor quality of life because of their inability to hear. Some may not even be aware of how severe their hearing loss is. This condition can impact our relationships with family and friends, and in some cases, can even impact employment. An example that was brought up in discussion was the possibility of missing your grandchildrens’ first words, an opportunity that only happens once. Not only can our communication with others be hindered, but Onomastico also brought up the concern for safety. Those who still drive must be able to hear emergency vehicles and sirens so they can allow them to pass. Hearing loss can also impact the ability to hear smoke or fire alarms in case of emergencies in our homes. It is clear that hearing loss poses a threat not only to ourselves, but also to others. The statistics related to this disease are alarming: over 48 million Americans are hearing impaired, and it is the third most chronic condition behind arthritis and hypertension.

Are you unsure if you are one of these many people who suffer from this condition? General symptoms include: trouble understanding some words in conversation, feeling that others often mumble, having to ask others to repeat themselves, difficulty with telephone conversations, ringing in your ears, difficulty in group conversations, and being told you speak too loudly. However, you can contact the local Harrisburg Beltone Hearing Aid Office to receive a FREE consultation or appointment with Dr. Jeff Duttera, a licensed hearing instrument specialist. This hearing screening can evaluate if you have hearing loss, what parts of your ear have the most damage, and how severe your condition is. Onomastico shared with us several new advancements in hearing aid technology that even allow you to connect your hearing aid to your television or cell phone. All of Beltone’s hearing aids share the same great quality of hearing, however these exciting new features are available for additional costs. For more information on insurance coverage and how to schedule an appointment, you can contact their patient care coordinator Cindy at (717) 652-4936.

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