• Briana Anderson

A Trip to The Hershey Gardens

The Rutherford House Senior Center took its first "field trip" to none other than the Hershey Gardens and Butterfly Atrium. The trip began with a guided tour through the gardens, and finished in the Butterfly Atrium.

The guided tour's first stop was the Historic Hershey Rose Garden, which is where it all began in 1937. In the rose garden, there is an assortment of 3,500 roses representing 275 varieties, including Hybrid Tea, floribunda, shrub, and miniature roses. Following the Historic Hershey Rose Garden was a tour of the Seasonal Display Garden, Perennial Garden, M.S. Hershey Tribute Garden, Herb Garden, Japanese Garden, and more! The guided tour of the gardens was rich with a history of Milton Hershey's vision and inspiration of the original rose garden and how it expanded into the attraction guests se

Once back inside and through a set of double doors to assure that no butterflies escape, the members found themselves surrounded by 400 tropical and North American varieties of exotic and colorful butterflies. Butterflies soared high and low, and some even landed on guests. The experience was enchanting, and every member left with a smile on their face.

Finally, the day ended with a fun, social lunch at a local diner. The Rutherford House has plans to make "field trips" a regular occurrence; so, keep an eye on the monthly calendars!

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